Monday, November 21, 2011

Was Up Yo‏

What's crackin home slices! LOL Sorry yesterday I read about how I'm not suppose to use slang even when I'm writing to yal back home... LOL Sorry but I couldn't resist!

First and foremost! THANK YOU MOTHER! I got 3 packages last week and they were all Christmas! LOL! I wasn't going to open them but my comp said that it was pretty much all food and decorations! So we opened them, sorry I guess I got Christmas really really early this year! Ha but thanks so much mom! And my comp decorated a little part of our house that's got all Christmas, and Jake is the star lol. So if you send a extra camera SD card then I'll send this one I have to you... We have made a couple videos for you that I think you will enjoy lol. Also thanks everyone for the letters! I got one from Shauni, two from Lindsey, one from the Millecam's. It was a pretty good haul! LOL Mom can you send me some teeth whitening things. I guess missionaries have a hard time keeping there teeth white here because we drink cocoa samoa every visit and it's full of sugar. I brush twice a day but I can tell they are starting to lose there whiteness LOL. but don't worry they aren't too bad! So dad a couple of questions for you: Why don't you think the gospel will be preached in the middle east, what do all the scriptures mean that say the gospel will be preached in every nation, kindred, tongue. Does the word nation have a different meaning? And where is the revelation that the US will be hanging by a thread and the priesthood will save it. And where can I learn more about the 12 tribes of Israel. Like how they started and ended up being called that? Ha sorry I'm giving you some hard questions but I always asked you hard questions sometimes. People ask hard questions sometimes, but the main thing that I have learned is that I need to help investigators realize that the main question is, 'Is the Book of Mormon true.' Because if the BOM is true then that means that the Prophet Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that the Church is the Lord's Kingdom here on earth. Usually it's pretty easy to help people realize that that is the most important question. But sometimes they just want you to answer some of there bible questions that they don't understand. It's like they are testing your abilities in the bible. LOL, anyways!

I have some good news! I get one more week to write, so YA! President said if it doesn't work out then we can always change it, but I doubt it will be changed anytime soon. We might get to do an e-mail once a month kind of deal, because I bet the ZL's will be sick of buying everyone's groceries at the first of the month. LOL

So I called Elder Walker this last week. It was good just to talk to him and see how the work is doing over where he is. He is in Savaii so he is in the more less developed part of Samoa. It's more traditional then where I am and I guess he has lost a lot of weight! He is 160 pounds now, he lost like 20 pounds being over there lol. Hopefully we get to be at least in the same zone sometime before he leaves. He only has 9 months left! Holy cow! LOL. But the mission is seeing a lot of changes right now and it's making some people really mad. It's kind of sad that some of the elders aren't supporting President. So are AP's are going to change because they are going home. President called one new one about 3 weeks ago so he would get some experience before the other two left. And transfers are coming up on Dec. 4th and so I might get a new companion. LOL everyone always gets nervous when transfers come up and I can definitely see why now. You are always with your companion and you feel like he is glued to your hip. LOL This whole mission thing teaches you a lot. Because you have to be able to get along with your companion in order to go out and proselyte. It teaches you how to have patience with each other. There are times when we get a little annoyed with another, but all in all we get along great! We have a lot of fun together!

This week we had a baptism! His name was Lualua which means 22. Ha dang Samoan names. He is actually my companions cousin. Pretty cool right! He was one of my favorite investigators because we have been working him since I got here. My last lesson, my companion turned the whole thing over to me. He wouldn't talk, the jerk! LOL, I had to teach the principle and then my companion would double testify. My companion would also answer his questions because I still have a hard time understanding everything. Hopefully that will come soon. But it was by far the most Samoan I have ever spoken. I felt good afterwards and then I realized that it wasn't me. Because right after I couldn't speak again lol... It gets frustrating at times but i've gotten used to it. My companion gave me a compliment, he's like you have handled this situation really well. Most new missionaries stress out a lot, but you seem like you are never stressed. I was like really! It's been stressful but I guess he says I either don't show it or I handle it well. It's probably a little of both.

Ha Lindsey! You want to keep the blog going then. Ok sounds good I guess I'll start sending my big long blog letter to you then! Ha i'll try to write legibly so everyone can read it! Ha thanks so much for doing that too! I know that you are so busy! Thanks everyone for you e-mails and letters! They mean a lot! They always make the work that much easier. Sorry if I sound like a preacher sometimes, I should probably cut that out huh... Bet it gets annoying sometimes... It's just I'm learning so much and just want to share with all of you. Even though all of you spiritual giants have already learned that by now! Ha Samoan's are funny. Like the members, if you share a spiritual thought with them, they call you 'e ke fie agelu!' Which literally means 'you want to be an angel! But it's like the equivalent to our 'he's a peter priesthood or molly mormon.' They think that since they are already members they don't need them... It's kind of funny, but our president said in our mission conference on friday that if someone calls you fia agelu tell them yes, I do want to be an angel. And he turned to Alma 29:1. It was great, but most people are ok with it if we tell them it's something our president asked us to do.

All in all, I have been so blessed to experience this mission. I thought the Lord was sending me to Samoa because Samoa needed me, little did I know that Elder Boren needed Samoa. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world! It has given me so much already! It's hard being away from my family, but I know that you will always be here for me and that means so much! This experience has been incredible and I know that as long as I serve faithfully the Lord will bless me. I have obtained such a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Father and Christ. I know that my redeemer lives and he is the only way back to our Father in Heaven.

Elder Boren

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