Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 8

From: Collin Boren
Date: Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 2:17 PM
Subject: Week 8

Talofa Lava! O a mai outou? O a mai lenei aso?
Hey everybody! How are you guys? How has your day been?
There has been a lot happening here in the MTC you know! We had Elder Holland come and talk to us at our last devotional! It was awesome! He is by far one of the most powerful speakers there are. He teaches with such love and conviction all at the same time! Anyways his talk really inspired me to get this work done, to do my best and to give it my all! Then this fast sunday we had a Mission Conference and our MTC spoke to us! Right before he got up he had them turn off the teleprompter so he could speak to us from the heart! He told us about a sister in New York that died and the spirit was so strong when he said. I know that Her Savior is happy with her and that she is teaching in the next life. He told us you never know what could happen. We can't afford to continue to think we will get better tomorrow. We have to make our decision to become better now! It really touched me, and it was clear to me that I need to continue to get better. Although, the thing that touched me the most in his talk was when he said. We must REDEDICATE YOUR LIFE TO THE SAVIOR. Starting now I want all of you to give it to our Savior. It made me realize how lucky I have been to come here and learn from these Men of God and how they help missionaries become better representatives of what we are doing. So I wrote this statement on a piece of paper above my desk and I challenge anyone who is reading this to do the same. I can already tell the difference. When I take a minute of my time and look at the paper. Think about what he has done for me and my life, and what I can do to serve him better. I know that Heavenly Father's work is here on this earth. I know that all of the prophets in the scriptures prophecied of the word getting preached to the four corners of the earth and this is the dispensation that they all prophecied. No other period of time has their been such a vast amount of saints. I know that I have been blessed with this gospel in so many ways. Without it, I don't even want to think where I would be. But I do know that whatever problem we have, if we allow this Gospel to touch our life, such as giving a little bit of our time by reading the scriptures and praying sincerly then we can become new people. We will still face the same problems, but we will be able to handle those problems better because we will fall to our knees and ask for the help of Our Father in Heaven. And he will bless us if we are faithful and keep his commandments. I know this because I have found out for myself in my life that he does bless us. He can make us stronger than we are on our own, to face the problems we have in this life. I want to thank all of you for being such great examples to me. I know that I am in a sheltered environment, and away from the real world challenges. It's been nice to not have to worry about the daily challenges. But I have also never worked so hard either! So there is pro's and con's to both but I really am enjoying this experience so far! I hope that I can continue to become a better missionary and I know that everything I have been taught here has been inspired. They have such an amazing schedule and plan to help every missionary be best prepared for the field.
Anyways! How is everyone! I have enjoyed all of your letters! I am trying to get back to you as much as I can! Sorry if it takes me awhile to reply! Has anyone done anything fun lately? Dad and Andrea that is AWESOME! I am so jealous that you both got to see tons of Elk and some Bear! It's been so long since I have seen a bear! Like I think the last time was when I was like 14! And you guys go and see some right after I leave! Geeze Dad! You must be taking Andrea up on the good trails! LOL JK But seriously that is such a neat opportunity! Don't you just love the great outdoors! There is nothing quite like riding up on Hoy Mountain and getting away from the world for a little bit! A lot of favorite memories come up there! Including getting knocked out of the wind and such... Please everyone continue to keep writing me! I love all your letters so much and it is so nice to hear how all of you are doing!
Wow I can't believe that I am leaving for Samoa next week! It's awesome and scary at the same time! LOL I know that the Lord has blessed me with such a neat opportunity! I can't wait to actually get out in the field and see what missionary works all about! But I have come to realize that I am not going to understand them for awhile! We had some Samoan natives come by last night and talk to us and stuff and I couldn't understand a thing! They were talking so fast! And they were talking in the street style! It makes words sound so much different! Especially when they are going so fast! Ha ha but I know that it is what missionary work is all about! You get to have a period of time where you don't know what's going on! My teachers say it's really hard somedays but you just have to work hard and attempt to speak. One of my teachers was senior companion after 5 months! Ha and that's saying something because he had to know all these different speaches and things! In Samoa the whole culture is based on respect! You talk to someone else and show them respect with respectful words. Like you call them Your Heiness and everything about them and what they do you use respectful words and for yourself you lower yourself below them! But I guess they all love the missionaries and hold a lot of respect for them. They know that you are representing Jesus Christ and that you are working for him. So it's cool to go to such a culture with a respect for everyone. I guess some people won't show that respect but you are expected to always give respect. Anyways I love you all and wish the best for you!
Tofa Soifua!
Elder Boren

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