Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week 4

From: Collin Boren
Date: Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 9:25 AM
Subject: Week 4

Talofa Lava!
O a mai oe?
How is everyone! Hope everyone is doing really good! I had a really great week at the MTC! I learned lots in the language and gained a stronger testimony and learned some really cool things about preach my gospel. I got lots of letters and a package from the Rinderknechts and my parents! I have been really loved and thank you all so much! The cookies that you made Andrea were delicous! Thank you so much! I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have here in the MTC. It was hard at first to get used to it, and the first few days are really hard cause you are always going to some newby orientation or something but ever since then it's been great! It is strict and there is a lot of rules, but I know that it is a truely inspired place. They just completely changed how we are going to be taught and how the TRC works. From now on the teachers are only going to teach in Samoan when we are learning the language. In the TRC it is nothing but Samoan from now on and starting Thursday we have progressive investigators and we can no longer speak english to them. My roomates love you guys and they have never even met you! lol my bud told me to say that! I trying really hard to learn the language and grow a stronger testimony. I want nothing more than to bring the Samoan people the happiness that I enjoy from the gospel everyday. This upcoming Monday is that half-way mark! Can you believe that I have almost been here for a mounth? It's crazy! If I was speaking english I would already be out in the field! A district that is heading to Virginia leaves tomorrow and I made some really cool friends with them. I can't even imagine how the field is going to be! I'm really nervous about it already. The hardest thing to do is being able to understand people, and when we get to Samoan it's even harder because they talk really fast like we do in english but they also slur their words too... Ha ha so it will be interesting but I'm excited for the challenge. I know that I can do anything with the Savior helping me. Like I have learned so much already and I know it's because He is helping me. Like I was trying to learn the language before the mission. I spent hours on it and I haven't even learned a fraction of what I have learned here. I would be dumb not to believe that this is a inspired place! It truely does challenge you a lot! I don't think I have ever been this challenged in my life. I'm working hard and trying to make the most of my experience so I don't regret it when I step on the plane. From my teachers the earliest I have heard of someone being fluent is 5 mounths! That is so fast! The slowest I have heard is a year! But my teacher who said that he learned it in 5 said you will get what you put into it! I know if I work hard and be obedient that the Lord will bless me. I just want to be able to explain that things the Lord would have me say to the people. I know that he will help me with what he needs done.
So how is Vernal? How is everyone else doing around the country? I can't believe how green it still is! It's august and it looks like may! Sounds like your crop is growing fast dad! Hopefully it doesn't grow to fast so you can't keep up! How are you mom! How is your ribs? I'm sorry I bet it is horrible to try and move around! You are always in my prayers! I hope your lives are going really well and that you are all enjoying your summer. I love to hear from everyone and no Lindsey and Shauni your lives don't sound boring! They sound like you guys are super-moms and love your kids and husbands! I can tell through your letters how much family means to you and that is awesome! One thing I learned out here is that your family is all that matters! I have always put families as a very important part of my life! But I have learned that the other things in life really don't matter. Worldy possessions can let you have fun, but they don't have the capablity of being eternal. Family and knowledge are the only things you can take to the next life. That's it! Our families and the things we learn here are the most important things! Along with our Savior's gospel of course. I'm so grateful that my Redeemer loved me enough to come down here and atone for my sins! I wish I could repay him back for everything that he has done for me! In the scriptures it says that there is no other way to make it back to our Heavenly Father save through our Christ! He has blessed me in so many ways and I guess I can postpone two years of my life to serve him. If that is what he wants me to do right now then that's great! It's the least I can do! I miss you all horribly! I love you all so much! But I have realized that this two years isn't really a sacrifice. It's an opportunity that I have been given! There is a few things that I wish I could still do at home, but I'll be alright for now! I miss you all so much! I love all of your letters and please continue to write! Sorry I was really busy last P-day and I didn't get to write a few people, but I will try to be a committed writer.
Tofa Soifua!
Bye and be blessed with life!

Elder Boren

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